Card selections for ex-pats

Do you live in France and need to send birthday cards back home? Have you tried buying greetings cards in France? The word is: there’s limited choice and the prices are high. Well, maybe I can help. I have a stock of lovely handmade cards for all sorts of celebrations – births, engagements, marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, etc – which I’d like to make available to you as a personal selection.

How would that work? Well, first you would let me know how many cards you need and for which celebrations. I’d select a set of suitable cards and pop them in a box or presentation folder. Then I’d confirm the price including P&P in writing and you could pay me using PayPal. I’d send the package off to you and they’d be delivered to your door a few days later. Nothing simpler.

For example, you might decide you need twelve cards:

  • two birthday cards for children aged six and ten (both A5);
  • eight birthday cards for adults – three male and five female (a selection of A6 and A5);
  • a new baby card, sex as yet unknown (A6);
  • a wedding card (A5).

I would give you a price based on the selection you had chosen. In general terms, A6 cards with envelopes start at £1.50 and A5 cards with envelopes start at £2.50. For the example selection, the price would be in the range of £24 to £30 plus the best value P&P for you.

I can offer an extra service whereby I would personalise the inserts with your words, address the envelopes and post them for you in England to arrive on specified dates. That would cost a little more per card, but would save you the initial P&P to France and then postage from France back to the UK. My fee would vary depending on the extent of the personalisation, but would be approximately £1 per card to add your greeting and address the envelope plus first class postage. (Names and addresses would be kept strictly confidential, of course.)

One of life’s simple pleasures is to receive a card from a relative or friend. It lets you know they care about you. If that card is handmade and gorgeous, it’s all the more special.

Have a think about what I’ve said and let me know if I can help. I’d love to share my cards with you and make someone happy today!


Go to  and look at the gallery for ideas. To contact me, ‘phone +44(0)1297 203 250 or email